Introduction to Comoro

Comoro is a centralized common role management framework developed by Tasecurity Group after years of working in security and developing solutions for security tasks.

Comoro extends the concept of Single Sign On (SSO) towards a Single Role Management point: a common tool for every applications, integrating into the same place information on user rights provided by LDAPs, databases, access control systems and a pleyade of different traditional role management systems.

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Why this logo?

Logo comes from Spanish joke, with no translation, in which the final words are ¿estamos a por setas o estamos a por rolex? The expressions comes to point if we are looking for something, don't waste time searching secondary targets... but here, the key is that "rolex" sounds in Spanish like "roles"...
If you use Comoro in your web application, please, include the icon in your main page.

How Comoro can help you

If you want to implement user roles and rights into your Java application, Comoro offers you an abstraction layer and implementations to manage this roles in an easy and common way.
See our documentation and take tour to know how easy is to include role capabilities to your application, following our step by step guide.


Lastest news

Future news

  • Ready to use Role Management Panel for GWT.
  • Ready to use Role Management Panel for traditional JSP